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The website will have details regarding Practitioners including their profiles and contact details which will be available for Users and visitors. It should be noted that all services are not for free for all users/subscribers. Certain services are paid services and the subscribers intending to use such paid services will have to pay the relevant amount/ charges in advance to the service provider. The users will be able to access certain details and services for Users freely, also by creating account and being paid members. Access of user to this website will be at discretion of WYH. The services provided by this website may change at the discretion of WYH and the agreement will be applicable to every visitor on availing services provided. On visiting this website you are accepting all the terms and conditions mentioned herein. This will succeed all the previous oral and written communications. WYH has discretion to supersede, modify, alter, or terminate, this agreement or part of it for any reason. This agreement consists of general or specific additional terms and conditions, disclaimers applicable. Payments once made will not be refunded. The refund policy is completely at the sole discretion of service provider. The visitor hereby acknowledges that this agreement will be binding upon them for availing any of the Services offered through this website. If the visitor does not agree with any part of the Agreement, we hereby request to stop usage of this Website or avail any Services. WYH hereby publishes this Agreement in compliance with the provisions of Indian law. To access this website you must be 18 years of age or older to register, subscribe, use the Services. By registering, visiting or being member of this website by accepting this Agreement, you warrant to WYH that you are of 18 years or more of age; and are in capacity to access and use the Website and the Services available through the Website, and agree to and abide with this Agreement. The information and data received through this website will be used by WYH for providing services and for its own use, and to improve further services to be provided. The users hereby authorise WYH to use information provided by them while accessing this website, for communication purposes to provide better services and related feedbacks in relation to provide best services by the registered practitioners.

WYH undertakes to maintain privacy related to the information collected from Users, including sensitive personal data unless required to disclose due to any unavoidable reasons or by law. The purpose and modes of use of the information collected; and the reasons and nodes of disclosing the said collected and received information. The User is bound to read and understand the Terms & Conditions, to ensure that they are in the knowledge of, rights of the users, the information being collected; purpose of the information collected; nature of information being collected; recipient of information. WYH does not guarantee regarding the appointment of medical practitioners and does not take its liability. The responsibility of authenticity of the personal information and data supplied by the user shall be only of the information provider and not of WYH and its affiliates. With the user is solely liable to keep and maintain confidentiality of the access details of its own account and its password. It shall be liability of the account holder to inform WYH regarding unauthorised access to his/her account. WYH shall not be liable to any loss caused by any such unauthorised access and use of the users account. The user hereby undertake and indemnify WYH regarding unauthorised access, use of its user account and undertakes that the user shall not use his/ her account with any malafide intention, illegal information, database, photographs, video etc. WYH will not be liable for any disruptions may be caused while accessing the services. It is sole responsibility of the account holder to keep the mobile number and e-mail ID correct and updated to unable the service provider to communicate with you and to give uninterrupted services. WYH does warrants or make any representations regarding the accuracy or completeness regarding the information provided by the users on the website. WYH is not liable to or have any control on the third parties, affiliates, linked on the website. WYH shall not be liable to any virus attacks or any damages caused thereto on the users account or systems on using the website. WYH reserves its right to discontinue the account of user indulged in malafide activities, fraudulent and illegal intentions and behaviour on using the website or through the user account. The accountholder shall be liable to indemnify WYH for any losses resulting unwarranted activities or perversions.

WYH shall not be liable for any health or medical advice provided by the medical or health practitioners whose contact details are available through this website. The decision to engage the doctors will be at your own risk. The services provided by WYH are no substitute to any emergency services.