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Score Card Test

Lab Test for Vital Information


Doctor & Dietitian Consulation

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Step 1 :

Signup and Book a Lab Test for Preventive health care ( Recommend test is Health Inceptive Rs. 1499)Which has all parameters that you need to check in a year.

Step 2 :

Complete your score Card ( Health Score ) by the time we come to your door step to collect blood

Step 3 :

Once your Report is generated , Our Panel of doctors will Call you and decode the report for you

Step 4 :

Find the same uploaded on your EHR and find online Analysis year after year when you keep yourself updated with these test. Our Predictive health Analysis Algorithm will tell you any risk of life style diseases one you upload 3 years data

Step 5 :

Our dietitian will help you set a diet routine based on any alerts on your report

Step 6 :

Step Goal for your self with help our Health Coach